Gary St. Fleur is running for Mayor of Scranton, PA in the November 5th special election and has been fearlessly fighting corruption in the city for the past four years.

In this time he:

  • Assisted the Department of Justice to take down the former mayor, Bill Courtright. Courtright recently resigned after pleading guilty to conspiracy, corruption, and extortion charges.

  • Won a precedent-setting lawsuit against the city of Scranton, proving the city violated Act 511, which limits the amount of taxes that can be collected in a fiscal year.

  • Blogged tirelessly about the issues in Scranton on his blog,

  • Organized boycotts, protests, and rallies.

Scranton has been in the news recently as the city where both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton are from. The popular sitcom, The Office, also was based there.

Scranton is in a precarious situation. Citizens who have lived there for decades can no longer afford to stay, and people are afraid, not only of their government, but for their futures.

The biggest issues in Scranton are:

  • Local taxes that violate state policy. Elderly who have lived in Scranton for decades are selling their homes because they can no longer afford property taxes. Families are leaving Scranton to raise their children in other cities due to education taxes. Businesses aren’t being created in Scranton. The corrupt government has been choking its own people.

  • Job opportunities are leaving Scranton. The area is home to several major universities, and graduating students are getting out as fast as they can.

  • Extortion by government officials. Those wishing to do anything entrepreneurial in the city have to put up with frequent shakedowns by the government. The FBI publicly raided the former mayor’s house recently and found a safe stuffed with thousands of dollars cash, obtained from such activities.

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This is a historic election because:

  • Gary would be the city’s first African American mayor.

  • It is a special election brought on by the former mayor’s resignation.

  • This election determines the fate of tens of thousands of people who are considering leaving Scranton due to the city’s depressed conditions.

Scranton is 2 hours away from 90 million people. A railroad connecting Scranton and NYC is partially built, and Scranton has the potential to become a hotbed for both social and technological innovation.

Gary St. Fleur took down the former mayor without having any position in government. Now, becoming mayor himself, he wants to finish what he started. He wants to use Scranton to transform all of Pennsylvania.

Prior to Scranton, Gary organized a foundation to provide aid to Haiti during the 2010 Haitian earthquake. The foundation is still active in Haiti. Gary’s parents are both Haitian, having emigrated to NYC in the 70s.

In addition to his humanitarian efforts, Gary’s worked in investing and technology, and has been involved in the founding of several startups. Of the businesses he’s been involved with, his favorites have been those centered around community engagement and education.

Gary is a zealous writer and has written for several publications, specializing in finance, government, and technology.

He’s an avid reader and in his spare time, he likes fitness, science fiction movies, gaming, and basketball.

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