Early Years

Gary St. Fleur Child.jpg

Gary St. Fleur was born in New York on March 5, 1984. His father and mother were born in Haiti, a country rich with a history of culture, liberty, and revolution. Both parents would immigrate to America to take advantage of the hope and promise of freedom and opportunity.

Gary’s father would go on to drive a taxi and through frugal consistency managed to engage in property development in both Haiti and America. His parents instilled in him the values of resilience, strength, and hope that are the bedrock of the American experiment.


Raised with a strong sense of justice and empathy imparted by his mother, Gary started a nonprofit in college to provide aid to Haiti during the 2010 Haitian Earthquake. The Colline Foundation was created to facilitate the travel of hundreds of students wanting to do on-ground volunteer work.

American medical students from the Colline Foundation volunteering in Haiti to help those in need from the 2010 Earthquake.

American medical students from the Colline Foundation volunteering in Haiti to help those in need from the 2010 Earthquake.

The foundation started a clinical apprenticeship bringing medical students to Haiti to promote best practices in hospitals at a time when many Haitians were in need of medical attention. Deans from institutions such as Yale and Princeton served on the board.

After college, Gary mentored troubled teens through a public residency program, fostering the values of hard work and education.

Aside from his humanitarian career, he’s worked in investing and technology, and has been involved in the founding of several startups. Of the businesses he’s been involved with, his favorites have been those centered around community engagement and education.

Additionally, Gary is a zealous writer and has written for several publications, specializing in finance, government, and technology.


It was Gary’s entrepreneurial endeavors that brought him to Scranton.

Attempting to take advantage of the local funding opportunities for tech startups, Gary came to Scranton to form a platform that would disrupt the polling industry.

During this time, Gary was passionately informed by the locals that the city of Scranton was under the shadow of steep corruption where opportunities were only afforded to the “politically connected.”

Although he was encouraged to leave the city, Gary took up the task to make a difference. Gary went to the local government and was informed by then city councilman Joe Weschler that the city was indeed controlled by a secret society. Moved, Gary created the blog in 2015.

Through over 100 articles, the blog went on to expose the corruption in Scranton and grew into an activist group organizing a boycott, protest, and successful lawsuit against the city regarding corrupt excessive taxation policies.

Gary talking to Scranton press about his lawsuit to lower taxes.

Gary talking to Scranton press about his lawsuit to lower taxes.

Maintaining constant communication with the Department of Justice since 2016, Gary’s work investigating and exposing corruption has resulted in the arrest and conviction of seated mayor Bill Courtright who has confessed to bribery, conspiracy, and extortion. Courtright recently resigned.

There is now a special election this November 5th to fill the void left by Bill Courtright and Gary has been encouraged to finish the job he started in 2015 by running for Mayor.

Always dedicated and resilient, Gary is a champion of the people and need only to point to his record of what he has done and continues to do.

As mayor Gary will finish cleaning up Scranton and make it a place where its residents and their children can flourish.

With radical transparency and efficiency, completely opposite of past administrations, Gary plans to grow jobs and encourage innovation. He will remove all the corrupt forces from the city and make it a place people don’t want to leave.

Scranton is going to become a shining beacon of the Northeast and it starts this November 5th.