We want to be heard.
The entire country must know what the People of Scranton have been dealing with for decades. From this day, to Election Day, whenever the name ‘Scranton’ is mentioned on the news, words like ‘corruption’, ‘nepotism’, and ‘malfeasance’ should follow.
We want to see our City surgically examined. Every nook and cranny of Scranton’s government must be searched. Every rock must be turned over, and every rotting apple must be thrown away.
Because Scranton needs a fresh start. And this can only happen when our fellow Americans hear our voices.
To achieve TRANSPARENCY, we will shout our story.
We all know the stories of nepotism that infect this area. Public assets are sold and mysterious fees are paid to lawyers without the People’s permission. There is no accountability.
Roughly 50% of all the police retirees, and roughly 58% of the fire departments retirees are on disability. Things like this must be questioned! While the People lose their jobs and their homes, we must be certain that any tax that is raised is justified.
Bankruptcy will give us the sort of TRANSPARENCY that Scranton needs. Let the nation see what has been done here.
Those who are behind the corruption say they have nothing to hide. Well then, they should not mind if the world looks at their handy work.