We are hurting.
Let me be clear. It’s not the institution, not the government, not the abstract boundaries that put Scranton on the map. It’s WE THE PEOPLE.
For too long have we been put down and ignored by the local establishment. While the politically connected have reaped the rewards, we have suffered for decades. We, and our Scrantonian brothers and sisters, are in desperate need of change.
Not because it sounds nice on TV, or because it looks good on a poster or website, it’s because Scranton faces imminent financial collapse. And when it happens, we will bear the burden.
We must rise up, and strive to see our City TRANSITION into a place where we can say “Yes, Scranton is my home!”
How do we accomplish this?
We must come to terms with the reality of the fiscal situation of the city of Scranton. While politicians in city hall claim Scranton is doing well, we know all too well that there is little truth to this.
All of our assets have been sold off. Millions have been made at the expense of our suffering. The local government keeps taking on more debt with the end result being more taxes and fees for us. Housing values have collapsed and local businesses are scrambling to leave.
What will save this city is bold and unrelenting truth. We must declare bankruptcy to save the city from financial ruin. Filing bankruptcy is the only way to absolve the city’s burgeoning debt.
It will allow the city the chance to have outside eyes to look into the books to see where exactly all the money the city takes in is going. The city will be able to renegotiate government employee contracts; which the city should have done long ago. And if it comes down it, the necessary cuts in government will occur.
Bankruptcy is an acknowledgement of past mistakes. It is also an act of determination to do better. It is public commitment to doing what is right.
Bankruptcy will place the city on sounder footing.