We have a vision.
This undertaking does not end on Election Day. We will get together, form ideas, and build a Scranton that we can be proud of. A place where our children have a bright future. A place that is energetic, lively, and motivated to do great things.
A City where we will proudly show our children, and grandchildren, and say, “You see that? We did that.”
We are eager for Scranton’s TRANSFORMATION. We are ready. We have the power in our hands to make it happen.
And we will make this happen.
We will open the doors to business by framing sensible tax and regulation policies. The government will no longer be the biggest employer in Scranton. We will have a vibrant private sector by championing innovation and thinking about tomorrow.
This does not mean we will fail to safeguard our natural assets. We believe that innovations in recycling and solar energy should transform how we deal with waste management.
The five major highways that intersect this city make it ideal for commercial activity. We will throw open the shutters and cry “Scranton is ready to do business!”
We will strive for our young people to obtain employment. If they do not have the skills, we will partner with organizations that will teach them to learn and to earn.
Scranton is America’s once and future city. And the future has arrived.